Usapang tagagamit:Zollerriia: Pagkakaiba sa mga binago

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Vous êtes l'un des plus belles personnes<br>
J'ai jamais rencontré.--[[Natatangi:Mga ambag/|]] 17:14, 15 Nobyembre 2010 (UTC)
[ You said "sorry everyone, USCIS is outside the scope of this wiki"]
That's not right. The Tagalog Wikipedia can cover ''any'' encyclopedic subject.
And if you say there is no interest from Filipino people - there is, because the USCIS has documents
I am going to ask that USCIS remains listed until someone creates an article on it
[[Tagagamit:WhisperToMe|WhisperToMe]] ([[Usapang tagagamit:WhisperToMe|talk]]) 17:43, 9 Abril 2012 (UTC)