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[ You said "sorry everyone, USCIS is outside the scope of this wiki"]
That's not right. The Tagalog Wikipedia can cover ''any'' encyclopedic subject. And if you say there is no interest from Filipino people - there is, because the USCIS has documents in Tagalog. I am going to ask that USCIS remains listed until someone creates an article on it. I am also reverting your removal of US and Canadian school districts. They all have large Filipino populations, so I am going to continue to request those articles.
[[Tagagamit:WhisperToMe|WhisperToMe]] ([[Usapang tagagamit:WhisperToMe|talk]]) 17:43, 9 Abril 2012 (UTC)
* Also I do not believe that anyone can credibly say with certainty that a major government agency (all of those proposed articles, except for the Manila Japanese School) cannot fit the inclusion guidelines. When you are dealing with major government agencies (school districts of major cities ''and'' U.S. federal government agencies) you are dealing with entities written about in multiple reliable sources and that would certainly pass "general notability guidelines" - If you say "we don't have the Tagalog vocabulary needed to create the articles" then I say "rely on the Tagalog language documents put out by the government agencies." - ''All'' of them should have interest from the Filipino community, and have webpages in Tagalog to prove it. [[Tagagamit:WhisperToMe|WhisperToMe]] ([[Usapang tagagamit:WhisperToMe|talk]]) 17:54, 9 Abril 2012 (UTC)