Pagkakaiba sa mga pagbabagong ng "Usapang tagagamit:Život"

maligayang pagbabalik, ang tagal ninyo po yatang nawala sa Tagalog Wikipedia? --[[User:Mananaliksik|Mananaliksik]] 11:04, 15 Hunyo 2007 (UTC)
== [[Lansangang Allenby (Tel Aviv-Yafo)]] ==
Hello Život,
I am from the hebrew wikipedia []. I saw the interwiki from the hebrew article to here and I was curious how come there was such artice on this wiki, which is relevantly small. There is another artice in english but I did not expect to find articles on this street in many other languages. Have you been to Tel Aviv? Is it customary here to write such articles about streets in different countries? [[User:Smbh|Smbh]] 09:37, 15 Hulyo 2007 (UTC)