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HISTORY; Bronze Empire EP. 1940-1970
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The Empire of the Philippines was inaugurated by the bronze Emperor Pendatun a B/General of the P/AFP..,, Lawyer,.. Senator, Governor.. Congressman and Presidential Adviser,..member of the Diplomat of United Nation General Assembly. works and an ideology of an Empire that shall a strong determination to look forward the Empire of the Philippines contrary from historical figure of the colonial power.He has a mistress appear in his biography in Philippine Senate.a son of Datu of Maguindanao in ARMM, in Republic critical observation he introduced the legacies of legendary Gen. Diego Si-
'''lang murdered by the British colonizer who occupied two year in the Philippines when Spaniard lost in battle in Manila Bay. The Roman believer observation in regarding his legitimacy he is the replica of the Julius Caesar but has different approach when it came to participation of an Emperor... a Muslim who adopt a christianity and witch he participating in an ideology of a government that has a difficulties to balance the power of a govern and governing. He Rule the Philippines Empire against Japanese occupier and lost from numbers of troop by the Japaneses Imperial forces but he is strong determination to settled the Philippe Empire against the puppetering of Japanese Empire and turn the Asia to their Empire. year 1945 the Philippine Empire stand free from Puppet of Imperial Japanese Forces..and continually adopts an Empire ideologies that suitable to Philippine Empire.