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→‎Article requests: bagong seksyon
(→‎Article requests: bagong seksyon)
Hi there. Even in English-language channels such as Animax they use a sort of modified Hepburn system that drops macrons and uses Latin-letter combinations such as /ou/, etc., so I can appreciate where you are coming from. Perhaps the more popular English spelling of a character’s name (or in many cases, the localized, non-Japanese name) may be used as the title of the article and written in bold in the opening paragraph, follwed by the proper Hepburn Romanization in parentheses. Cases would include Shaider, Get Backers, etc. —[[User:Život|Život]] 14:15, 27 Hulyo 2006 (UTC)
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What are your article suggestions? - [[Tagagamit:AnakngAraw|AnakngAraw]] ([[Usapang tagagamit:AnakngAraw|makipag-usap]]) 16:49, 25 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)