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Kinansela ang pagbabagong 1252605 ni Kabalyero (Usapan)
(Kinansela ang pagbabagong 1252605 ni Kabalyero (Usapan))
== ''Repertoire'' ==
Tatum's repertoire consisted mainly of music from the [[Great American Songbook]] — [[Tin Pan Alley]], Broadway and other popular music of the 20s, 30s and 40s. He played his own arrangements of a few classical piano pieces as well, most famously [[Antonín DvořákDvorák|Dvorák]]'s ''[[HumoresqueHumoresques (Dvorák)|Humoresque no. 7]]'' and Massenet's "Elegie". These interpretations are unsurpassed in conception and inventiveness by anything that has been recorded since {{Citation needed|date=September 2011}}. Although Tatum was not known as a composer,<ref>Tatum wrote ''Shout'' and co-authored ''Wee Wee Baby, You Sure Look Good to Me.'' His recording of ''Shout'' was included in the soundtrack of the film ''The Great Debaters.''</ref> his versions of popular numbers were so original as to border on composition.
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