Beauty and the Beast (pelikula noong 1991): Pagkakaiba sa mga binago

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{{Infobox film
| name = Beauty and the Beast
| image = Beautybeastposter.jpg
| caption = Madula paskil ng [[John Alvin]]<ref>{{cite news|first=Jocelyn |last=Stewart |title=John Alvin, 59; created movie posters for such films as "Blazing Saddles" and "E.T." |url=,1,5113268.story |work=[[Los Angeles Times]] |date=Pebrero 10, 2008 |accessdate=Pebrero 10, 2008}}</ref>
| director = [[Gary Trousdale]]<br />[[Kirk Wise]]
| producer = [[Don Hahn]]
| screenplay = [[Linda Woolverton]]
| story = [[Roger Allers]]<br />[[Brenda Chapman]]<br />[[Chris Sanders (directordirektor)|Chris Sanders]]<br />[[Burny Mattinson]]<br />Kevin Harkey<br />[[Brian Pimental]]<br />Bruce Woodside<br />[[Joe Ranft]]<br />Tom Ellery<br />Kelly Ashbury<br />Robert Lence
| based on = {{based on|''[[Beauty and the Beast|La Belle et la Bête]]''|[[Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont]]}}
| narrator = [[David Ogden Stiers]]
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