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{{Oryentasyong seksuwal}}
Ang '''Aseksuwalidad''' ay ang kawalan ng seksuwal na atraksyonatraksiyon kaninoman o mababa o kaya naman ay walang interes sa mga kilos seksuwal.<ref name= Bogaert2006>Bogaert, Anthony F. (2006). [ "Toward a conceptual understanding of asexuality"]. ''[[Review of General Psychology]]'' '''10''' (3): 241–250. Retrieved 31 AugustAgosto 2007.</ref><ref name="Kelly">{{cite book|last = Kelly| first = Gary F.| authormask = | authorlink = |title = Sexuality Today: The Human Perspective|url =|edition=7|series =| year = 2004 | publisher = [[McGraw-Hill]] |location=|isbn= 9780072558357|oclc = |doi =|bibcode =|id =| page = 401| pages =| nopp = | at =|chapter = Chapter 12 | chapterurl =|quote =|ref =| laysummary =|laydate =|separator=|postscript = &nbsp;&nbsp;Asexuality is a condition characterized by a low interest in sex.|lastauthoramp =}}</ref><ref name="Prause">{{cite journal|last=Prause|first=Nicole|coauthors=Cynthia A. Graham|year=2004|month=August|url=|title=Asexuality: Classification and Characterization|journal=[[Archives of Sexual Behavior]]|volume=36|pages=341–356|accessdate=31 AugustAgosto 2007|doi=10.1007/s10508-006-9142-3|format=PDF|pmid=17345167|issue=3| archiveurl=| archivedate= 27 SeptemberSetyembre 2007 <!--DASHBot-->|deadurl= no}}</ref> Maaari rin sabihin na ito ay kawalan ng [[oryentasyong seksuwal]], o isa sa apat na uri nito, kasama ng [[heteroseksuwalidad]], [[homoseksuwalidad]], at [[biseksuwalidad]].<ref name = Bogaert2004>{{cite journal |last=Bogaert|first=Anthony F. |year=2004 |url= |title=Asexuality: prevalence and associated factors in a national probability sample |journal=[[Journal of Sex Research]] |volume=41 |issue=3 |pages=279-87|accessdate=May12 12,Mayo 2013}}</ref><ref name="Sexual orientation">{{cite journal|last=Melby|first=Todd|title=Asexuality gets more attention, but is it a sexual orientation?|journal=Contemporary Sexuality|year=2005|month=November|volume=39|issue=11|pages=1, 4–5| issn = 1094-5725 | url = |archiveurl =| archivedate = 29 Jun 2012<!-- 00:17:32 -->|accessdate=20 NovemberNobyembre 2011 | postscript = &nbsp;&nbsp;[ The journal currently does not have a website]}}</ref><ref name="Sex and society">{{cite book|title=Sex and Society|volume=2|page=82|isbn=978-0-7614-7905-5|publisher=[[Marshall Cavendish]]|year=2009|editor=Marshall Cavendish Corporation|contribution=Asexuality|accessdate=February2 2,Pebrero 2013|url=,+homosexual,+or+bisexual.&hl=en&sa=X&ei=o1ANUb7hIoXY2QWovoCYDg&ved=0CDUQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=Sexual%20orientations%20are%20typically%20thought%20of%20as%20being%20heterosexual%2C%20homosexual%2C%20or%20bisexual.&f=false}}</ref>
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