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{{Infobox Political post
|post = Punong Ministro ng
|body = Hapon
|insignia = Emblem of the Prime Minister of Japan.svg
|insigniasize = 150px
|insigniacaption = OfficialOpisyal Emblemna ofSagisag theng PrimePunong MinisterMinistro ofng JapanHapon
|image = Abe Shinzo 2012 02.jpg
|imagesize = 150px
|residence = [[Kantei]]
|style = [[Excellency|His Excellency]]
|appointer = [[Emperador ng Hapon|Emperador]]
|termlength = Four years or less. (The Cabinet shall resign en masse after a general election of members of the House of Representatives. Their term of office is four years and can be terminated earlier. No limits are imposed on total times or length of Prime Minister tenures of the same person.) The Prime Minister is, by convention, the leader of the victorious party.
|formation = 22 December 1885
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