Pagkakaiba sa mga pagbabagong ng "Agoho"

walang buod ng pagbabago
Natatagpuan ito mula sa [[Burma]] at[[Vietnam]] at sa kabuuan ng [[Malesia]] pasilangan tungong [[French Polynesia]], [[New Caledonia]], at [[Vanuatu]], saka patimog tungong [[Australia]].<ref name=ftoa>{{cite book|last=Boland|first=D. J.|first2=M. I. H.|last2=Brooker|first3=G. M.|last3=Chippendale|first4=M. W.|last4=McDonald|title=Forest trees of Australia|year=2006|publisher=CSIRO Publishing|location=Collingwood, Vic.|isbn=0-643-06969-0|url=|edition=5th ed.|page=82}}</ref>
Natatagpuan rin ito sa [[Madagascar]], ngunit hindi matukoy kung sadyang kasama ito sa sadyang katatagpuan ng espesyeng ito.<ref name=foa>{{cite web|title=Casuarina equisetifolia L., Amoen. Acad. 143 (1759)|url=|work=Australian Biological Resources Study|publisher=Australian National Botanic Gardens|accessdate=23 April 2011}}</ref><ref></ref> Nadala na rin ang espesyeng ito sa Timog Estados Unidos at Kanlurang Africa.<ref>{{cite web|title=Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign|url=|work=United Nations Environment Programme|accessdate=23 April 2011}}</ref> Tinuturing itong isang invasiveespesyeng speciesmananalakay sa [[Florida]].<ref>{{cite web|title=Biological control of Australian native Casuarina species in the USA|url=|work=Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation|accessdate=16 September 2010|date=16 May 2007}}</ref><ref>{{cite web | last = Masterson | first = J | title = Casuarina equisetifolia (Australian Pine) | location = Fort Pierce | publisher = Smithsonian Marine Station | url = | accessdate = 5 May 2009}}</ref>
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