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|birth_place = [[Maynila]], [[Pilipinas]]
|occupation = [[Mamamahayag]]
|spouse = {{marriage|[[Julio Iglesias]]|1971|1979|reason=annulledpinawalang-bisa}}
|children = Chabeli Iglesias<br>Julio Iglesias, Jr.<br>[[Enrique Iglesias]]
Si '''María Isabel Preysler Arrastía''' (ipinanganak noongPebrero ika-18 ng Pebrero, 1951 sa [[Maynila]]), na mas kilala bilang '''Isabel Preysler''', ay isang [[Filipino people|Pilipina]]ng<ref>{{cite web|url=| title=The return of Isabel Preysler|work=Inquirer|accessdate=25 November 2007}}</ref><ref>{{cite web| url=|title=Preysler Family||archiveurl=|archivedate=26 October 2009}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Musica - Biografia|publisher=vh1la}}</ref><ref name="R. Arce">{{cite web|url=|title=Filipino peoples' Real Ancestry|publisher=Filipino Cultured|author=R. Arce}}</ref> fashionista at mamamahayag.
Preysler was born in [[Manila]], Philippines, the third of six children to a wealthy, aristocratic family. She attended a private [[Roman Catholic]] school; Her father, Carlos Preysler y Pérez de Tagle, was the executive director of [[Philippine Airlines]] and on the Board of Directors for El Banco Español de Manila (Spanish Bank of Manila),<ref name="Isabel Preysler">{{cite web|url=|title=Isabel Preysler|publisher=Yahoo! Noticias España}}</ref> while her mother, María Beatriz Arrastia y Reynares, was the owner of a real estate company in Manila.<ref name="Isabel Preysler"/><ref>{{cite web| url=|title=Isabel Preysler - Profiles|publisher=Hola}}</ref>
The Perez de Tagle family, a Filipino [[cadet branch]] of the Spanish [[dynasty]] that has held the [[marquisate of Altamira]] since the 1600s, produced [[abacá]] and [[copra]] <SMALL>( [[coconut]]s )</SMALL>. ''Abacá'' was the main ingredient in ropes and other products prior to the invention of [[nylon]].
The Arrastía family is from the province of [[Pampanga]]. Their old town was [[Lubao, Pampanga|Lubao]], site of the ancient San Nicolas Tolentino Cathedral. The Arrastías used to own one of the largest haciendas there, most of which were utilized to plant rice and sugarcane.
During her youth, Preysler was a [[model (person)|model]] who participated in beauty pageants and charity events for the [[Sheraton Hotels and Resorts]] in Manila and went on to win titles in several events. At the age of 16, she migrated to [[Madrid]], [[Spain]] to live with her uncle and aunt and to study at Mary Ward College, an Irish Catholic University in Spain, where she studied accounting.
Preysler began working as a journalist for Spanish magazine ''[[¡Hola!]]'' in 1970, and her first interviewee was her future husband Julio Iglesias. In 1984, she hosted a Spanish lifestyle television programme, "Hoy en Casa", and has hosted and appeared in various programs since. In May 2001, she was Prince [[Charles, Prince of Wales|Charles]]' guest of honour for the opening of his Spanish Garden at the [[Chelsea Flower Show]] in England. She was his guest of honor again in 2005 at a garden party during a holiday to Spain by the Royal Crown. In 2004, Preysler became Spain's welcoming host for [[David Beckham|David]] and [[Victoria Beckham]] when she hosted a welcoming party at her house for the celebrity couple. She became close friends with Victoria and was often photographed shopping with her during their stay in Madrid.
Preysler continues to be the national spokesmodel for [[Ferrero Rocher]], [[Suárez]] jewelry, [[Manolo Blahnik]] shoes, [[Chrysler]] cars and [[Porcelanosa]] tiles, for which [[United States|American]] Hollywood actor [[George Clooney]] recently worked with her in 2006 to represent the brand in an advertising campaign.
Readers at ''Hola magazine'' voted Preysler as the most elegant and best-dressed woman in Spain for 1991, 2002, 2006 and 2007.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Isabel Preysler, elegida la mujer más elegante de 2007| publisher=Hola}}</ref>
In 2006, Preysler was also honored along with [[Hillary Clinton]], [[Shakira]] and [[Yoko Ono]] among others with the Women Together Award, which honors women for their philanthropical contributions to the United Nations in New York, making her the first woman of Filipino descent in history to win the award.<ref>{{cite web|url=| title=Awards Women Together - Women Together Awards|publisher=Miguel Villarino|accessdate=5 April 2006}}</ref>
In 2007, she and her daughters were invited by [[Prince Charles]] to be guests of honour at his London home, [[Clarence House]].<ref name=rob10dec>{{cite news|last=Tantingco|first=Robby|title=The Kapampangan girl Julio Iglesias loved before|url=|accessdate=8 July 2013|date=10 December 2012}}</ref>
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In 1970, Preysler was introduced to a football player named [[Julio Iglesias]], who just signed a recording contract to become a singer. Iglesias invited her to watch a Juan Pardo concert.<ref>{{cite web|
url=|title=Julio Iglesias - Biography|publisher=Musica}}</ref> The couple was married seven months later on 29 January 1971. They were married for seven years and had three children, [[Chabeli Iglesias]], [[Julio Iglesias, Jr.]] and [[Enrique Iglesias]]. Their marriage was annulled in 1979. After they had divorced and moved on, in 1982 she sent her children away to Miami to live with their father because of kidnapping threats she was receiving.
Preysler married the Marques de Griñón, Carlos Falcó, on 23 March 1980.<ref name=nyt23may>{{cite news|title=Spain's Insiders in Insider Scandal|url=|accessdate=8 July 2013|newspaper=The New York Times|date=23 May 1992}}</ref> The short-lived marriage resulted in the birth of a second daughter, Tamara Falcó.
Her third and current marriage is to the former Spanish finance minister [[Miguel Boyer]], with whom she had another daughter, Ana Boyer.<ref name=nyt23may/>
In 1987, her two sisters immigrated to Spain with their families to be closer to Isabel. She holds dual citizenship in both the Philippines and Spain.
Her father, Carlos Preysler, is deceased and her mother, Beatriz Preysler, lives in Miami with Isabel's son [[Enrique Iglesias]].<ref></ref>
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