Pagkakaiba sa pagitan ng mga pagbago ng "Vanuatu"

walang buod ng pagbabago
m (bi ISO ng Bislama)
|image_map2 = Vanuatu - Location Map (2013) - VUT - UNOCHA.svg
|national_motto = {{native phrase|bi|"Long God yumi stanap"|italics=off|nolink=on}}<br/>{{small|"In God we stand"}}{{lower|0.2em|<ref>{{cite web |last=Selmen |first=Harrison |url= |title=Santo chiefs concerned over slow pace of development in Sanma |publisher=Vanuatu Daily Post |date=17 July 2011 |accessdate=29 August 2011}}</ref><ref>John Lynch and Fa'afo Pat (eds), ''Proceedings of the first International Conference on Oceanic Linguistics'', Australian National University, 1993, p. 319.</ref><ref>G. W. Trompf, ''The Gospel Is Not Western: Black Theologies from the Southwest Pacific'', Orbis Books, 1987, p. 184.</ref>}}
|national_anthem = {{native name|bi|[[Yumi, Yumi, Yumi]]|nolink=on}}<br/>{{small|''WeTayo, WeTayo, WeTayo''}}
|official_languages = {{unbulleted list |[[Bislama language|Bislama]] |French Ingles|EnglishPranses}}
|ethnic_groups = {{unbulleted list |98.5% [[Ni-Vanuatu]] |1.5% others}}
|ethnic_groups_year = 1999