Pagkakaiba sa pagitan ng mga pagbago ng "Maharashtra"

inayos ang sanggunian na may patay na kawil
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m (inayos ang sanggunian na may patay na kawil)
| blank1_info_sec2 = 925 [[female|♀]]/1000 [[male|♂]] (2011)<ref>[[List of Indian states by sex ratio]]</ref>
| blank2_name_sec2 = Wikang opisyal
| blank2_info_sec2 = [[Wikang Marathi|Marathi]]<ref name="mah1">{{cite web|url= | work =Maharashtra Tourism | title = Trivia | publisher=Government of Maharashtra|accessdate=16 July 2007}}</ref><ref name="mah2">{{cite web|last=Palkar |first= AB| work=Report of One Man Commission Justice | title = Shri Bhaurao Dagadu Paralkar & Others V/s State of Maharashtra|year=2007 |volume=I|page=41| format = PDF | url=|accessdate=16 July 2007}}{{dead link|date=August 2014}}</ref>
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