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|regent1 = ''[[List of Prime Ministers of King George V|See list]]''
|spouse =[[Mary ng Teck]]
|issue = [[Edward VIII]]<br />[[George VI]]<br />[[Mary, Prinsesa Royal and CountessKontessa of HarewoodngHarewood|Mary, PrincessPrinsesa Royal]]<br /><nowiki>[[PrincePrinsipe Henry, Duke ofng Gloucester]]</nowiki><br />[[PrincePrinsipe George, Duke ofng Kent]]<br />[[Prince John of theng UnitedNagkakaisang KingdomKaharian|Prince John]]
|issue-link =#Issue
|full name =George Frederick Ernest Albert
|house =[[House of Windsor]] ''from 1917''<br />[[House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha]] ''before 1917''
|father =[[Edward VII]]
|mother =[[Alexandra ofng DenmarkDinamarka]]
|birth_date ={{birth date|1865|6|3|df=y}}
|birth_place =[[Marlborough House]], [[London]]
|signature = George V Signature.svg
|religion=[[Church of England|Anglican]]