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:Hi, [[Tagagamit:Skyllfully|Skyllfully]], our welcome template is [[:Padron:Pambati|Padron:Pambati]]. --[[User:Sky Harbor|<font color="#0066ff" ><b>Sky Harbor</b></font>]] <sup>([[User talk:Sky Harbor|<font color="#0066ff" ><b>usapan</b></font>]])</sup> 16:08, 29 Agosto 2015 (UTC)
I hope I've come to the right place. I'm from [[Wikipediang Indones|Indonesian Wikipedia]]. Apparently, the article about [[Astro Liecharlie]] is proved to be false and hoax. User who make this page also [[:d:Q27923765|create similar pages in other languages]] of ​​Wikipedia as if the article meet the eligibility criteria, which unfortunately is not. I hope the admins here read this and delete the article. Regards. -- [[Tagagamit:Bagas Chrisara|Bagas Chrisara]] ([[Usapang tagagamit:Bagas Chrisara|makipag-usap]]) 13:35, 24 Marso 2017 (UTC)