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:{{ping|Ah3kal}}, all of the nominated pages for deletion are mostly vandalism, especially those related to "El Filibusterismo", maybe except for [ this one], although I am uncertain if this was copy-pasted from a textbook. -[[Tagagamit:WayKurat|WayKurat]] ([[Usapang tagagamit:WayKurat|makipag-usap]]) 12:47, 16 Pebrero 2017 (UTC)
::Thank you for taking the time to have a look. I'll delete them except the one mentioned. Regards.[[Tagagamit:Ah3kal|Ah3kal]] ([[Usapang tagagamit:Ah3kal|makipag-usap]]) 16:55, 16 Pebrero 2017 (UTC)
==Please delete a hoax article [[Astro Liecharlie]]==
Sorry to leave message in english because i can't speak Tagalog. [[User:Bagas Chrisara]] from indonesian wikipedia, said that the article about [[Astro Liecharlie]] ([[:zh:李和星|李和星]]) is proved to be false and '''hoax''' (see [[:zh-yue:Talk:李和星|here]] and [[:ms:Perbincangan:Astro Liecharlie|here]]). This article had deleted in indonesian, english, chinese, korean and many other wiki project (for more information, see the revision history of [[:d:Q27923765]]). Because it's a hoax, it should be deleted. so, i hope the admins here delete it. regards.--[[Natatangi:Mga ambag/|]] 10:53, 7 Abril 2017 (UTC)
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