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| feast_day=28 August ([[Western Christianity]])<br />15 June ([[Eastern Christianity]])<br />4 Nobyembre ([[Assyrian Church of the East|Assyrian]])
| venerated_in=[[Roman Catholic Church|Catholic Church]]<br />[[Assyrian Church of the East]]<br />[[Eastern Orthodoxy]]<br />[[Oriental Orthodoxy]]<br />[[Anglican Communion]]<br />[[Lutheranism]]<br />[[Aglipayan Church]]
| image=Saint AugustineThe byMiracle Philippeof Saint Augustine deca Champaigne1549.jpg
| imagesize=250px
| caption=Portrait by [[PhilippeJacopo deRobusti ChampaigneTintoretto]], [[ika-171549 siglo]]
| birth_place=[[Thagaste]], [[Numidia]] (now [[Souk Ahras]], [[Algeria]])
| death_place=[[Hippo Regius]], [[Numidia]] (now modern-day [[Annaba]], Algeria)