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The United Kingdom is famous for the tradition of 'British Empiricism', a branch of the philosophy of knowledge that states that only knowledge verified by experience is valid, and 'Scottish Philosophy', sometimes referred to as the '[[Scottish School of Common Sense]]'.<ref>{{cite book |url= |title=A bibliography of Scottish common sense philosophy: Sources and origins |accessdate=17 December 2010 |editor=Fieser, James |publisher=Thoemmes Press |location=Bristol |year=2000}}</ref> The most famous philosophers of British Empiricism are [[John Locke]], [[George Berkeley]]{{refn|group=note|Berkeley is in fact Irish but was called a 'British empiricist' due to the territory of what is now known as the [[Republic of Ireland]] being in the UK at the time}} and [[David Hume]]; while [[Dugald Stewart]], [[Thomas Reid]] and [[Sir William Hamilton, 9th Baronet|William Hamilton]] were major exponents of the Scottish "common sense" school. Two Britons are also notable for a theory of moral philosophy [[utilitarianism]], first used by [[Jeremy Bentham]] and later by [[John Stuart Mill]] in his short work ''[[Utilitarianism (book)|Utilitarianism]]''.<ref>{{cite book |url= |title=Moral Problems in Medicine: A Practical Coursebook |author=Palmer, Michael |publisher=Lutterworth Press |location=Cambridge |year=1999 |isbn=978-0-7188-2978-0 |page=66}}</ref><ref>{{cite book |url= |title=Utilitarianism |author=Scarre, Geoffrey |publisher=Routledge |location=London |year=1995 |page=82 |isbn=978-0-415-12197-2}}</ref>
Other eminent philosophers from the UK and the states and countries that preceded it include [[Duns Scotus]], [[John Lilburne]], [[Mary Wollstonecraft]], [[Sir Francis Bacon]], [[Adam Smith]], [[Thomas Hobbes]], [[William of Ockham]], [[Bertrand Russell]] and [[Alfred Jules Ayer|A.J. "Freddie" Ayer]]. Foreign-born philosophers who settled in the UK include [[Isaiah Berlin]], [[Karl Marx]], [[Karl Popper]] and [[Ludwig Wittgenstein]].