Beauty and the Beast (pelikula noong 1991): Pagkakaiba sa mga binago

walang buod ng pagbabago
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| distributor = [[Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures|Buena Vista Pictures]]<ref name=afi/>
| released = {{Film date|1991|9|29|[[New York Film Festival]]|1991|11|22|Estados Unidos}} <!-- First and Country of Origin releases only per WP:FILMRELEASE. -->
| runtime = 84 minutesmga minuto<!--Theatrical runtime: 84:16--><ref>{{cite web|url=|title=''Beauty and the Beast'' (U)|work=[[British Board of Film Classification]]|date=February 5, 1992|accessdate=September 28, 2016}}</ref>
| country = Estados Unidos
| language = Ingles
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