Usapang tagagamit:Bluemask: Pagkakaiba sa mga binago

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Greetings Bluemask, can you create these three system messages here: [[:en:MediaWiki:Scribunto-doc-page-does-not-exist]], [[:en:MediaWiki:Scribunto-doc-page-header]] and [[:en:MediaWiki:Scribunto-doc-page-show]] these will allow the use of template {{tl|documentation}} as the default documentation subpage of modules and also can you install [[:en:MediaWiki:Gadget-switcher.js|switcher gadget]] (and translate line 36 of the js code) this will enable the switcher code of [[Module:Location map]]. Thanks.--[[Tagagamit:Lam-ang|Lam-ang]] ([[Usapang tagagamit:Lam-ang|makipag-usap]]) 14:59, 29 Mayo 2019 (UTC)
:{{ping|Lam-ang}} Done creating doc page related pages but I can't create the switcher gadget. --[[Tagagamit:Bluemask|bluemask]] ([[Usapang tagagamit:Bluemask|makipag-usap]]) 15:52, 29 Mayo 2019 (UTC)