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|date = 2007–2009
|ref = <ref name="Penzl"/><ref>[[Nationalencyklopedin]] "Världens 100 största språk 2007" The World's 100 Largest Languages in 2007 (39 million)</ref><ref>{{ELL2|Pashto}}</ref>
|familycolor = Wikang Indo-EuropanoEuropean
|fam2 = Wikang Indo-Iranian
|fam3 = Wikang Iranian
Ang wikang '''Pashto''' ({{IPAc-en|lang|pron|ˈ|p|ʌ|ʃ|t|oʊ}},<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Dictionary and Thesaurus - Merriam-Webster||accessdate=18 July 2016}}</ref><ref name=ahd>{{cite web|url=|title=The American Heritage Dictionary entry: Pashto|first=Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing|last=Company||accessdate=18 July 2016}}</ref><ref name=OEDuk>[ "Pashto"] in Oxford Online Dictionaries, UK English</ref> {{small|iba sa}} {{IPAc-en|ˈ|p|æ|ʃ|t|oʊ|}}; {{refn|The only American pronunciation listed by Oxford Online Dictionaries, {{IPA-en|ˈpæʃtoʊ|}},<ref>[ "Pashto"] in Oxford Online Dictionaries, US English</ref> is so rare that it is not even mentioned by the American Heritage and Merriam-Webster dictionaries.|group="Note"}}{{refn|Ilan ay inispell bilang "Pushtu" o "Pushto",<ref name=ahd/><ref name=OEDuk/> at ang pananalita ay magkapareho.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Pashto - Definition, meaning & more - Collins Dictionary||accessdate=18 July 2016}}</ref> or differently.<ref name=ahd/><ref name=OEDuk/> The spelling "Pakhto" is so rare that it is not even mentioned by any major English dictionaries or even recognized by major English-Pashto dictionaries such as, and it is specifically listed by only as an alternative name for Northern Pashto, not Southern or Central Pashto. |group="Note"}} پښتو; ''Pax̌tō''; ˈpəʂt̪oː), lumang pangalang wika ay '''Afghānī''' (افغانى)<ref name="Leyden"/> o '''Paṭhānī''',<ref>{{cite book|last=India. Office of the Registrar General|title=Census of India, 1961: Gujarat|year=1961|publisher=Manager of Publications|pages=142, 166, 177}}</ref> ay isang [[Timog-Sentral Asya]] na wika ng Pashtun. Ang mananalita ay tinawag din bilang Pashtun o Pukhtun at sa ilan ay Afghan o Pathan.<ref name="T&F">{{cite book|last1=Claus|first1=Peter J.|last2=Diamond|first2=Sarah|last3=Ann Mills|first3=Margaret|title=South Asian Folklore: An Encyclopedia : Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka|date=2003|publisher=Taylor & Francis|isbn=9780415939195|page=447}}</ref> Ito ay isang wikang Silangang Iranian, na may pamilyang wika na Indo-European.
== Mga Sanggunian nota==
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== Mga sanggunian ==
<ref name="Penzl">{{Cite book |title=A Grammar of Pashto a Descriptive Study of the Dialect of Kandahar, Afghanistan |last1=Penzl |first1=Herbert |author2=Ismail Sloan |volume= |year=2009 |publisher=Ishi Press International |location= |isbn=0-923891-72-2 |pages=210 |quote=Estimates of the number of Pashto speakers range from 40 million to 60 million... |url= |accessdate=2010-10-25}}</ref>
<ref name="AC">Constitution of Afghanistan – [ ''Chapter 1 The State, Article 16 (Languages) and Article 20 (Anthem)'']</ref>
<ref name="Leyden">{{cite web |url= |title= Events Of The Year 910 (1525) |page=5 |editor=John Leyden, Esq. M.D. |editor2=William Erskine, Esq.|work=Baburnama |publisher=Packard Humanities Institute |year=1921|accessdate=2012-01-10 |authorlink= |quote=To the south is Afghanistān. There are eleven or twelve different languages spoken in Kābul: Arabic, Persian, Tūrki, Moghuli, Hindi, '''Afghani''', Pashāi, Parāchi, Geberi, Bereki, and Lamghāni.}}</ref>