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| years_active = 1984–kasalukuyan
| genre = [[Pantasya]], [[Kathang katatakutan|katatakutan]], [[Kathang-isip na salaysaying pang-agham|salaysaying makaagham]], [[pantasyang madilim]], [[katatawanan]]
| influences = [[Douglas Adams]], [[Alan Moore]], [[Jack Vance]], [[Roger Zelazny]],<ref>"Gaiman Interrupted: An Interview with Neil Gaiman (Part 2)" conducted by [[Lawrence Person]], Nova Express, Volume 5, Number 4, Fall/Winter 2000, page 5.</ref> [[Jorge Luis Borges]], [[Ray Bradbury]], [[G. K. Chesterton]], [[James Branch Cabell]], [[Lord Dunsany]], [[Harlan Ellison]], [[Ursula K. Le Guin]], [[Robert A. Heinlein]], [[Shirley Jackson]], [[R. A. Lafferty]], [[C. S. Lewis]], [[Terry Pratchett]], [[H. P. Lovecraft]], [[Michael Moorcock]], [[Clive Barker]], [[Dave Sim]], [[Thorne Smith]], [[J. R. R. Tolkien]], [[Peter S. Beagle]], [[Gene Wolfe]], [[Lewis Carroll]],<ref>{{cite book|last= Abbey|first= Cherie D. (ed.)|title= Biography Today General Series|year=2010|pages= 90–91|publisher= Omnigraphics Inc.|isbn=978-0-7808-1058-7}}</ref> [[Russell Payne (author)|Russell Payne]], [[Dave McKean]]
| notableworks = ''[[The Sandman (Vertigo)|The Sandman]]'', ''[[Neverwhere]]'', ''[[American Gods]]'', ''[[Stardust (novel)|Stardust]]'', ''[[Coraline]]'', ''[[The Graveyard Book]]'', ''[[Good Omens]]'', ''[[The Ocean at the End of the Lane]]''
| website =
==Mga sanggunian==
<ref name=flood>{{cite news|url=|title=Neil Gaiman wins Carnegie Medal|newspaper= The Guardian|date= 24 Hunyo 2010|accessdate= 26 Hunyo 2010|first=Alison|last=Flood|archiveurl=|archivedate=26 Oktubre 2013 |deadurl=yes}}</ref>
<ref name=bbc>{{cite news|url=|title= Neil Gaiman wins children's book prize|date= 25 Hunyo 2010|accessdate= 25 Hunyo 2010|work=BBC News|archiveurl=|archivedate= 11 Setyembre 2013|deadurl=no}}</ref>
<ref name=MOR>{{cite book|last = Olsen|first = Steven P.|title = Neil Gaiman (Library of Graphic Novelists)|publisher = Rosen Publishing|year = 2005|location= New York, New York|pages = 16–18|url =|isbn = 978-1404202856}}</ref>
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