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{{Infobox unit
| name = LitreLiter
| image = [[File:CubeLitre.svg|200px]]
| caption = '''1 litro ang dami ng a<br>
| standard = [[SI derived unit]]
| quantity = [[Volyum]]
| symbol = l<ref name=SIborchure /> ({{LitreLiter}}) or L<ref name=SIborchure>{{SIbrochure8th|page = 124}}</ref>
| dimension = L<sup>3</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp;<ref name="NB_Dimension">The SI standard recommends a sans-serif uppercase letter "L" for the dimension symbol of the length. An uppercase "L" is also one of the official symbols for the litreliter itself (the other being a lowercase letter "l"). Since unit symbols and dimension symbols are used in different contexts, this does not normally cause confusion.</ref>:)
| namedafter =
| extralabel = In [[SI base unit]]s: