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== Erroneous credits ==
Love mistakenly has been identified as being in the cast of ''[[The Birth of a Nation]]'' (1915) as "a Piedmont girl", but she took steps in her later years to clarify that she was not in the film.<ref name="gettybbc" /><ref>{{cite magazine|magazine=[[Films in Review]]|date=February 1959|first=Harold|last=Dunham|pp=86–99|volume=10|issue=2|title=Bessie Love: Her Career Began with ''Intolerance'' and Is By No Means Over}}</ref>
[[The Internet Movie Database]] lists Love as appearing in a 1915 film entitled ''Georgia Pearce''. "Georgia Pearce" was actually the stage name used by actress [[Constance Talmadge]] for one of her roles in ''Intolerance'', and it is not the name of a film.<ref>{{cite book|url=|title=Silent Players: A Biographical and Autobiographical Study of 100 Silent Film Actors and Actresses|first=Anthony|last=Slide|author-link=Anthony Slide|date=2002|page=369|publisher=University Press of Kentucky|isbn=978-0-8131-2249-6}}</ref>
Some sources include Love in the cast of ''[[Meet the Prince]]'' (1926).<ref>{{cite book|title=Within Our Gates: Ethnicity in American Feature Films, 1911–1960|editor-first=Alan|editor-last=Gevinson|url=|date=1997|page=653|ref=harv|isbn=978-0-520-20964-0}}</ref> However, no contemporaneous sources do, and some sources note this as an error.<ref name="filmdope33">{{cite magazine|magazine=Film Dope|last=Surowiec|first=Catherine A.|title=Bessie Love|issue=36|date=Feb 1987|p=35}}</ref>
Love does not include any of the above films in her autobiography's filmography.
== Mga sanggunian ==