Pagkakaiba sa pagitan ng mga pagbago ng "Module:SimpleDebug"

Added "local" to local functions
m (Added "local" to local functions)
m (Added "local" to local functions)
local LinCount = 0
local vep = '  •  '
local function MessRaised (n)
return '\n\nIt has been reached to '..n..', you can change this limit with "maxlines.num".'
end --breakline
local function CheckWhereName (wn, what)
if wn == nil then
return '"'..what..'" == nil'
end --CheckWhereName
local function plain (text) --Modified from "Module:Plain text"
if not text then return end
text = mw.text.killMarkers(text)
end --plain
local function totext (text)
if p.plaintext then
return plain (text)
end --totext
local function NumToStr (N)
if (p.dec == -1) or (N == math.floor(N)) then
return tostring(N)
end --containsTab
local function DumTab (tbl, indent)
if not indent then indent = 1 end
local toprint = " {\r\n"
end --DumTab
local function var (avar)
local EndStr = ''
if type(avar) == 'table' then
avar = totext (tostring(avar))
if p.nohtml then
avar = string.gsub (avar, "<", "?")
avar = string.gsub (avar, ">", "?")
EndStr = '"'..avar..'"'
end --w
local function varx (avar)
iniTab1Line =
if and (type(avar) == 'table') then