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{{Infobox Christian leader
[[File:B Clemens III.jpg|thumb|right|Papa Clemente III]]
| type=Pope
| honorific-prefix=Papa
| name=Clemente III
|title = [[Bishop of Rome]]
| birth_name=Paulino/Paolo Scolari
| term_start=19 December 1187
| term_end=20 March 1191
| predecessor=[[Gregorio VIII]]
| successor=[[Celestino III]]
|cardinal=March 1179
|created_cardinal_by=[[Pope Alexander III|Alexander III]]
| birth_date= 1130
| birth_place= [[Rome]], [[Papal States]], [[Holy Roman Empire]]
|death_date=20 March 1191<ref>About the date of his death see Katrin Baaken: ''Zu Wahl, Weihe und Krönung Papst Cölestins III.'' Deutsches Archiv für Erforschung des Mittelalters Volume 41 / 1985, pp. 203-211</ref>
| death_place=[[Rome]], [[Papal States]], [[Holy Roman Empire]]
| other=Clement}}[[File:B Clemens III.jpg|thumb|right|Papa Clemente III]]
Si '''Papa Clemente III''' ay nagsilbing [[Papa]] at taganamamahala ng [[Simbahang Katoliko]].
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