Lebante: Pagkakaiba sa mga pagbabago

walang buod ng pagbabago
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| bodyclass = geography
| above = <big>LevantLebante</big><br> {{lang|ar|بلاد الشام}}<br>''{{transl|ar|DIN|Bilād ash-Shām}}''
| image = [[File:Levant (orthographic projection).png|250px|LevantLebante]]
| caption1 = TheAng Levantrehiyong regionLebante.
| label1 = CountriesMga andbansa regionsat rehiyon
| data1 = {{flag|Cyprus}}<br>[[File:Flag of Turkey.svg|22px|border]] [[Hatay Province|Hatay]] (Turkey)<br>{{flag|Israel}}<br>{{flag|Jordan}}<br>{{flag|Lebanon}}<br>{{flagicon|State of Palestine}} [[State of Palestine|Palestine]]<br>{{flag|Syria}}<br><br>Sometimes Included: <br>{{flag|Iraq}}<br>[[File:Flag of Egypt.svg|22px|border]] [[Sinai Peninsula|Sinai]] (Egypt)
| label2 = Population Populasyon
| data2 = 47,129,325 <ref>Population found by adding all the countries' populations (Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestinian Authority, Gaza and Hatay Province)</ref>
| label3 = LanguagesMga wika
| data3 = [[Arabic language|Arabic<!-- "Arabic" covers all the dialects of Arabic which are spoken in the region. -->]], [[Neo-Aramaic languages|Aramaic<!-- "Aramaic" covers all the dialects of Aramaic which are spoken in the region. -->]], [[Armenian language|Armenian]], [[Circassian language|Circassian]], [[Greek language|Greek]], [[Hebrew language|Hebrew]], [[Kurdish language|Kurdish]], [[Ladino language|Ladino]], [[Turkish language|Turkish]].
| label4 = TimeMga Zonessona ng oras
| data4 = [[UTC+02:00]] ([[Eastern European Time|EET]]) ([[Turkey]] and [[Cyprus]]) to [[UTC+03:00]] ([[Iraq]])