Lebante: Pagkakaiba sa mga pagbabago

walang buod ng pagbabago
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| data2 = 47,129,325 <ref>Population found by adding all the countries' populations (Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestinian Authority, Gaza and Hatay Province)</ref>
| label3 = Mga wika
| data3 = [[Arabicwikang languageArabe|ArabicArabe<!-- "Arabic" covers all the dialects of Arabic which are spoken in the region. -->]], [[Neo-AramaicWikang languagesArameo|AramaicArameo<!-- "Aramaic" covers all the dialects of Aramaic which are spoken in the region. -->]], [[Armenianwikang languageArmenyo|ArmenianArmenyo]], [[CircassianWikang languageSirkasyano|CircassianSirkasyano]], [[Greekwikang languageGriyego|Griyego|Greek]], [[Hebrewwikang languageEbreo|HebrewHebreo]], [[Kurdishwikang languageKurdo|KurdishKurdo]], [[Ladino language|Ladino]], [[Turkishwikang languageTurko|TurkishTurko]].
| label4 = Mga sona ng oras
| data4 = [[UTC+02:00]] ([[Eastern European Time|EET]]) ([[Turkey]] and [[Cyprus]]) to [[UTC+03:00]] ([[Iraq]])