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m (Protected "Ang Probinsyano" ([Pagbabago=Iharang ang mga hindi nakarehistrong mga tagagamit] (walang katiyakan) [Ilipat=Iharang ang mga hindi nakarehistrong mga tagagamit] (walang katiyakan)))
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{{pp-sock|small=yes}}{{short description|2015 Philippine action drama series}}
{{about|the 2015 television series|the 1997 film on which the TV series is based|Ang Probinsyano (film)}}{{Infobox television|name=Ang Probinsyano|num_episodes=1,316<!-- As of February 19, 2021--><!--Please do not update the episode count daily, the episodes will be updated WEEKLY so that only a single edit is necessary--><!--Updating the episodes is NOT A RACE, update the episode count once the LAST EPISODE OF THE WEEK HAS ALREADY AIRED, NOT BEFORE-->|last_aired=present<!-- Please do not add the end date--> <!-- Please add reliable source before add end date, it has been temporary close down due to expired from its franchise. Congress ongoing franchise renewal or new franchise. As per Template:Infobox television, only place an end date if there is an official announcement or the has not aired a new episode for 12 months-->|first_aired={{start date|2015|09|28}}|picture_format=[[480i]] ([[SDTV]]) <br> [[1080i]] ([[HDTV]])|network={{plainlist|
* [[ABS-CBN]] (2015–2020)
* [[Kapamilya Channel]] (2020–present)<!---Don't list any more channels; the Kapamilya Channel is the main network since June 2020 following ABS-CBN's stoppage of broadcast. Don't list simulcasts--->
}}|distributor=|company={{ubl|[[FPJ Productions]]|[[Dreamscape Entertainment]]|[[Coco Martin|CCM Creatives]]}}|runtime=35–45 minutes|editor=Froilan Francia|cinematography={{Plainlist|
* George Tutanes
* Eli Balce
* Elmer Haresco Despa
* Robert Flores
* Romy Vitug
* Joe Tutanese
* Ronnie Nadura
* Algin Siscar
* Idonnah Lopez-Villarico
* Rommel Villarico
* Louie Jacobe
}}|producer=Dagang Vilbar|executive_producer={{Plainlist|
*Eileen Angela T. Garcia
*Hazel Bolisay Parfan
*Camille Camacho Rosales-Navarro
*Roselle Beegee Soldao-Gannaban
*Patricia Y. Tardecilla
}}|list_episodes=List of Ang Probinsyano episodes|num_seasons=8|image=FPJs Ang Probinsyano.png|language=Filipino|country=Philippines|composer=Randy Santiago|opentheme="Nandiyan Na Si Cardo" by [[Randy Santiago]]<ref name=dreamscapeOP>{{cite web|title=Mga kalaban magtago na kayo dahil "Nandiyan Na Si Cardo" |trans-title=Bad guys hide now because "Nandiyan Na Si Cardo" ({{literal translation|Cardo has come}})|url=|publisher=Dreamscape Entertainment|access-date=31 October 2018|language=fil}}</ref> {{small|(2018–2019)}}<!---Song featured in the opening/title sequence--->|starring=[[Coco Martin]]|creative_director={{ubl|Johnny de los Santos|Dang Baldonado}}|director={{Plainlist|
*Malu L. Sevilla
*Avel E. Sunpongco
*Toto Natividad<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=Toto Natividad, direktor ng pampelikulang mga eksena sa 'Ang Probinsyano'|newspaper=[[The Manila Times|Balita Online]]|date=21 July 2016|access-date=28 March 2019|first=Reggee|last=Bonoan}}</ref>
*Richard V. Somes
*Kevin de Vela
*Alan Chanliongco
*Ram Tolentino
*[[Enzo Williams]]
*[[Rodel Nacianceno]]<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=Coco Martin: Call him 'direk'|work=[[Manila Bulletin|Tempo]]|date=9 May 2017|access-date=22 November 2018|first=Ronald|last=Constantino}}</ref>
*Nick Olanka
*Manny Q. Palo
*Darnel Joy R. Villaflor
*[[Michael de Mesa]]<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=Michael de Mesa becomes one of the directors of Ang Probinsyano|date=28 March 2019|work=[[Philippine Entertainment Portal|PEP]]|access-date=28 March 2019|first=Jocelyn|last=Dimaculangan}}</ref>
*Albert Langitan
*Jeffrey Sonora
}}|developer={{ubl|Roldeo T. Endrinal|Julie Anne R. Benitez}}|based_on={{Based on|''[[Ang Probinsyano (film)|Ang Probinsyano]]''|[[Ronwaldo Reyes]]}}|creator=Rondel P. Lindayag|genre=[[Action film|Action drama]]|caption=Original logo of the series that was first used in 2015|alt_name=Brothers<!---Names used in foreign releases, not necessarily the direct/literal translation of the original title--->|image_alt=|website=}}