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== Wikipedia Asian Month 2021 ==
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Hi [[m:Wikipedia Asian Month|Wikipedia Asian Month]] organizers and participants!
Hope you are all doing well! Now is the time to sign up for [[Wikipedia Asian Month 2021]], which will take place in this November.
'''For organizers:'''
Here are the [[m:Wikipedia Asian Month 2021/Rules|basic guidance and regulations]] for organizers. Please remember to:
# use '''[ Fountain tool]''' (you can find the [[m:Wikipedia Asian Month/Fountain tool|usage guidance]] easily on meta page), or else you and your participants' will not be able to receive the prize from Wikipedia Asian Month team.
# Add your language projects and organizer list to the [[m:Template:Wikipedia Asian Month 2021 Communities and Organizers|meta page]] before '''October 29th, 2021'''.
# Inform your community members Wikipedia Asian Month 2021 is coming soon!!!
# If you want Wikipedia Asian Month team to share your event information on [ Facebook] / [ Twitter], or you want to share your Wikipedia Asian Month experience / achievements on [ our blog], feel free to send an email to [] or PM us via Facebook.
If you want to hold a thematic event that is related to Wikipedia Asian Month, a.k.a. [[m:Wikipedia Asian Month 2021/Events|Wikipedia Asian Month sub-contest]]. The process is the same as the language one.
'''For participants:'''
Here are the [[m:Wikipedia Asian Month 2021/Rules#How to Participate in Contest?|event regulations]] and [[m:Wikipedia Asian Month 2021/FAQ|Q&A information]]. Just join us! Let's edit articles and win the prizes!
'''Here are some updates from Wikipedia Asian Month team:'''
# Due to the [[m:COVID-19|COVID-19]] pandemic, this year we hope all the Edit-a-thons are online not physical ones.
# The international postal systems are not stable enough at the moment, Wikipedia Asian Month team have decided to send all the qualified participants/ organizers extra digital postcards/ certifications. (You will still get the paper ones!)
# Our team has created a [[m:Wikipedia Asian Month 2021/Postcards and Certification|meta page]] so that everyone tracking the progress and the delivery status.
If you have any suggestions or thoughts, feel free to reach out the Wikipedia Asian Month team via emailing '''[]''' or discuss on the meta talk page. If it's urgent, please contact the leader directly ('''[Mailto:&#x20;]''').
Hope you all have fun in Wikipedia Asian Month 2021
Sincerely yours,
[[m:Wikipedia Asian Month 2021/Team#International Team|Wikipedia Asian Month International Team]], 2021.10
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