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[[baryang dalawampung-piso ng Pilipinas]]
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{{Infobox Coin
| Denomination = Dalawampung piso
| Country = Pilipinas
| Value = 20.00
| Unit = [[piso ng Pilipinas]]
| Mass = 11.50
| Mass_troy_oz =
| Diameter = 30
| Diameter_inch =
| Thickness = 2.2
| Thickness_inch =
| Edge = Makinis na mayroong nakalagay na titik na "BSP" sa anim na magkaibang anggulo
| Composition = Bimetal (Bakal na tubog sa [[tansong-pula]] sa gitna at bakal na tubog sa [[nikel]] sa argola)
| Years of Minting = 2019–kasalukuyan
| Catalog Number =
| Obverse =[[File:Font 20 peso Coin Philippines.png|200px]]
| Obverse Design = "Republika ng Pilipinas"; mukha ni [[Manuel L. Quezon|Manuel Quezon]]; halaga; maliliit na imprenta ng "Republika ng Pilipinas"; taon ng paggawa; marka ng paggawa
| Obverse Designer =
| Obverse Design Date =
| Reverse = [[File:Back 20 peso Coin Philippines.jpg|200px]]
| Reverse Design = ''[[Scyphiphora]]'' (nilad); logo ng [[Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas]]; [[Malacañang Palace]]; maliliit na imprenta ng "Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas"
| Reverse Designer = Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
| Released = 2020
| Reverse Design Date = 2019
Pinakamataas na denominasyon ang '''baryang dalawampung piso''' (₱20) ng Pilipinas mula ito nilabas noong taong 2019. Ito ang pangalawang barya ng Pilipinas na gumagamit ng dalawang metal na pinagsama sa isang barya pagkatapos nilabas ang [[baryang sampung-piso ng Pilipinas]] noong ika-8 ng Hulyo 2001.
'''[[Seryeng Bagong Salinlahing Pananalapi]]:''' Inanunsyo ng [[Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas]] (BSP) noong Hulyo 2019 na ang [[salaping papel na dalawampung-piso ng Pilipinas|salaping papel na ₱20]] will be replaced with a coin due to the overuse of the banknote, since each individual note only lasts about a year in circulation while a 20 peso coin lasts for 10 to 15 years. The decision is based on a research by the [[University of the Philippines]]. In September 2019, the ₱20 coin was finally designed, with BSP Governor [[Benjamin Diokno]] stating that the design would retain [[Manuel L. Quezon]] as the person on the obverse,<ref>{{cite news |last1=Lopez |first1=Melissa Luz |title=Manuel Quezon to remain the face of new ₱20 coins |url=https://cnnphilippines.com/news/2019/7/26/20-peso-coin-Manuel-Quezon.html |accessdate=29 July 2019 |work=CNN Philippines |date=26 July 2019}}</ref> that the coin would be [[bi-metallic coin|bi-metallic]] with a bronze-plated steel outer ring and a nickel-plated steel center and that it will be slightly bigger than the [[Philippine ten peso coin|P10 coin]]. He also mentioned there would be other features making it distinct from the other New Generation coins.<ref>{{Cite news |last=Lucas |first=Daxim L. |title=BSP to launch in December new P20 coin to replace banknote |url=https://business.inquirer.net/281078/bsp-to-launch-in-december-new-p20-coin-to-replace-banknote |date=15 October 2019 |access-date=15 October 2019 |work=Philippine Daily Inquirer}}</ref> Photos of the new coin were released on 17 December 2019, along with the "enhanced" [[Philippine five peso coin|5 peso coin]], confirming their designs.<ref name="actual photo">{{Cite news |last=Rodriguez |first=Bruce T. |title=Bangko Sentral launches new P20 coin, enhanced P5 |url=https://news.abs-cbn.com/business/12/17/19/bangko-sentral-launches-new-p20-coin-enhanced-p5 |date=17 December 2019 |access-date=17 December 2019 |work=ABS-CBN News}}</ref> The coin was initially planned to be released in late 2019 or early 2020,<ref>{{cite news |title=Bangko Sentral to create P20 coin |url=https://www.rappler.com/business/235646-bangko-sentral-pilipinas-to-create-philippine-peso-20-coin |access-date=29 July 2019 |work=Rappler |date=17 July 2019}}</ref> and in another 17 December report, it was reported that 500,000 coins of the new denomination were released, with more to be minted in 2020.<ref name="500k">{{Cite news |last=Zialcita |first=Sandra |title= LOOK: Here are the new ₱5, ₱20 coins|url=https://cnnphilippines.com/news/2019/12/17/New-5-20-peso-coins.html |date=17 December 2019 |access-date=20 December 2019 |work=CNN Philippines}}</ref>