Mehiko: Pagkakaiba sa mga binago

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walang buod ng pagbabago
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|official_languages = [[Wikang Espanyol|Espanyol]]<ref name=""/>
|regional_languages = 6268 [[Mga Wika ng Mehiko|Mga Katutubong wika]]<ref name="ofc_lang">However, the General Law of Linguistic Rights for the Indigenous Peoples recognizes all Amerindian minority languages, along with Spanish, as national languages and equally valid in territories where spoken. The government recognizes 62 indigenous languages, and more variants which are mutually unintelligible.[ Comisión Nacional para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas. CDI. México] {{Webarchive|url= |date=2011-05-01 }} {{in lang|es}}</ref>
|demonym = Mehikano
|capital = [[Lungsod ng Mehiko]]