Simiiformes: Pagkakaiba sa mga pagbabago

walang buod ng pagbabago
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{{automaticAutomatic taxobox
| name = Simians
| name = Simian<ref name=msw3>{{MSW3 Groves|pages=128-184 |id=12100177|heading=INFRAORDER SIMIIFORMES}}</ref><ref name=SAP/>
| fossil_range = [[Middle Eocene]]-[[EoceneHolocene]], {{fossil Recentrange|40|0}}
| image = Simiiformes.png
| image = White-handed Gibbon Hylobates lar Orange 1900px.jpg
| image_caption = [[Lar gibbon]]
| taxon = Simiiformes
| authority = [[Ernst Haeckel|Haeckel]], 1866<ref name=msw3>{{MSW3 Groves | id = 12100177 | page = 128 | heading = Simiiformes}}</ref><ref name=SAP/><ref name="Haekel">{{Cite book |last=Haekel |first=Ernst |url= |title=Generelle Morphologie, Allgemeine Entwicklungsgeschichte der Organismen |year=1866 |pages=CLX}}</ref>
| authority = [[Ernst Haeckel|Haeckel]], 1866
| subdivision_ranks = [[Family (biology)|Families]]Parvorders
| subdivision = *[[Catarrhini]]
'''sister:''' [[Tarsiiformes]]
| synonyms = * Anthropoids
* [[Monkey]]s (which from a strict [[cladistic]] sense includes apes, and thus humans)
* Pithecoidea<ref>{{Cite journal |last=Pocock |first=R. I. |date=1918-03-05 |title=On the External Characters of the Lemurs and of Tarsius |url= |journal=Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London |language=en |volume=88 |issue=1-2 |pages=19–53 |doi=10.1111/j.1096-3642.1918.tb02076.x |issn=0370-2774}}</ref>
* Simiae<ref name="Haekel"/>
* Pitheci<ref name="Haekel"/>
Ang mga '''simian''' ([[infraorder]] '''Simiiformes''') ang mas mataas na mga [[primado]]: ang mga [[Matandang Daigdig na mga unggoy]] at mga [[ape]] kabilang ang mga [[tao]](na magkasamang tinatawag na mga [[catarrhine]]), at ang mga [[Bagong Daigdig na unggoy]] o mga platyrrhine.