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{{Infobox CVG system
|title=Game Boy Micro
|logo=[[Image:Gameboy micro logo.svg|250px]]
|image=[[Image:GBmicrofront.JPG|250px|The Game Boy Micro]]
|family=[[Game Boy line]]
|type=[[Handheld game console]]
|generation=[[History of video games (Sixth generation era)|Sixth generation era]]
|lifespan={{vgrelease|JP=[[September 13]] [[2005]]}}{{vgrelease|NA=[[September 19]] [[2005]]}}{{vgrelease|AUS=[[November 3]] [[2005]]}}{{vgrelease|EU=[[November 4]] [[2005]]}}
|media=[[Cartridge (electronics)|Cartridge]]
|unitssold=2.42 million <small>([[#Release and sales|details]])</small>
|topgame=[[Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire|''Pokémon Ruby'' and ''Sapphire'']], 13&nbsp;million combined <small>(as of [[November 25]] [[2004]])</small>.<ref>{{cite web | url= | format=[[PDF]] | accessdate=2007-11-11 | date=[[2004-11-25]] | title=Consolidated Financial Statements | publisher=Nintendo| pages=4}}</ref><br />''[[Pokémon Emerald]]'', {{nowrap|6.32 million}} <small>(as of [[March 31]] [[2007]])</small>.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Supplementary Information about Earnings Release |publisher=Nintendo |date=2007-04-27 |accessdate=2008-03-15 |format=[[PDF]]}}</ref>
|predecessor=[[Game Boy Advance SP]] (concurrent)
|successor=[[Nintendo DS]]
'''Game Boy Micro''' ay isang 2nd redesign manufactured ng [[Nintendo]] at mas pinabagong Game Boy Advacnce.
{{dedicated video game handheld consoles}}
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