Pagkakaiba sa mga pagbabagong ng "Talaan ng mga kabanata ng SpongeBob SquarePants (ika-2 kapanahunan)"

walang buod ng pagbabago
| An Alaskan Bull Worm terrorizes Bikini Bottom, and Sandy goes after it because it ate her tail. SpongeBob keeps trying to stop Sandy from going, but she persists. They find the worm and Sandy successfully ties it in a knot and gets her tail back. Spongebob reveals that the "worm" is actually the tongue of the ''real'' worm, and the worm is huge. Sandy and Spongebob run away and it gives chase. Meanwhile, Patrick and everybody in Bikini Bottom are trying to move the city so it will be safe. But when Sandy and Spongebob are safe and get the worm to fall off a cliff, it falls on top of the new city location (orderd to be moved thanks to a stupid idea of Patrick) and crushes the place. <!-- hehe -->
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