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<div style="background-color:#ddd;padding:5%;-moz-border-radius:1%;border-radius:1%;-webkit-border-radius:1%;border:10px solid #4FBCDD;font-family:Liberation Mono;font-size:110%;">Hi :), i'm BodhisattvaBot, i'm a global [[:m:Help:Interwiki|interwiki]] bot and i'm happy to work on this wiki. My owner is [[User:Dalibor Bosits|Dalibor Bosits]]. If you see this bot malfunctioning, please request a [[:m:Steward_requests/Global|global block]], and contact me kindly on my [[:m:User_talk:Dalibor Bosits|Meta user talk page]]. Thank you for your patience ;o)<hr />
'''BodhisattvaBot''' is a bot run by [[User:Dalibor_Bosits|Dalibor Bosits]]. This bot account is intended to resolve and add interwiki links. It runs both autonomous and manually. If you want to contact me, please visit my [[:hr:Razgovor_sa_suradnikom:Dalibor_Bosits|home talk page]]
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