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:''Tungkol sa Libya na bansa sa Hilagang Aprika ang artikulong ito. Para sa karakter pang-mitolohiya, tingnan: [[Libya (mitolohiya)]]''.
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{{Infobox Country
|native_names = <big>الجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الاشتراكية العظمى</big> <br />''Al-Jamāhīriyyah al-ʿArabiyyah al-Lībiyyah aš-Šaʿbiyyah al-Ištirākiyyah al-ʿUẓmā''
|conventional_long_name = Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya <br> الجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الاشتراكية العظمى
{{Infobox country
<br> al-Ǧamāhīriyyah al-ʿArabiyyah al-Lībiyyah aš-Šaʿbiyyah al-Ištirākiyyah al-ʿUẓmā
|native_name = ليبيا<br><small>''Lībiyā''</small> {{Spaces|2}}<small>{{Ar icon}}</small>
|conventional_long_name = Libya
|common_name = Libya
|image_flag = Flag of Libya.svg
|image_coat = Coat_of_arms_of_Libya.svg
|image_map = Libya (orthographic projection)LocationLibya.svg
|national_motto =
|national_anthem = [[Allahu Akbar (anthem)|Allahu Akbar]]<br />''God is the Greatest''
||demonym = Libyan
|official_languages = [[Arabic]]{{Ref label|arabicnote|b|}}
|capital = [[Tripoli]]
|languages_type=[[Spoken language]]s
|latd=32 |latm=54 |latNS=N |longd=13 |longm=11 |longEW=E
|languages=[[Arabic language|Arabic]], [[Berber languages|Berber]]
|largest_city = kabisera
|demonym = [[Demographics of Libya|Libyan]]
|government_type = [[Jamahiriya]] (Republika Popular)
|capital = [[Tripoli]]{{Ref label|tripolinote|a|}}
|leader_title1 = [[Libya#Pinunong Makabansa|Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution]]
|latd=32 |latm=52 |lats=15 |latNS=N |longd=13 |longm=11 |longs=5|longEW=E
|largest_cityleader_name1 = capital[[Muammar al-Gaddafi]]
|leader_title2 = [[Libya#Pinunong Makabansa|Secretary General of the General People's Congress]]
|government_type = [[2011 Libyan civil war|''Disputed'']]<br>(See below)
|leader_name2 = [[Imbarek Shamekh]]
|leader_title3 = [[Libya#Pamahalaan|Pinunong Ministro]]
|leader_name3 = [[Baghdadi Mahmudi]]
|area_rank = 17th
|area_magnitude = 1 E12
|area_km2 = 1,759,541
|area_sq_mi = 679,359<!--Do not remove per [[WP:MOSNUM]]-->
|percent_water = Negligible surface water, reservoirs of water underground.negligible
|population_census = 5,670,688{{smallsup|1}}
|population_estimate = 6,420,000<ref name=unpop>{{cite journal |url= |title=World Population Prospects, Table A.1 |version=2008 revision |format=PDF |publisher=United Nations |author=Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Division |year=2009 |accessdate=2009-03-12}}</ref>
|population_estimate = 6,173,579 (Hulyo 2008)<ref>[ CIA World Factbook]</ref>
|population_estimate_year = 2010
|population_estimate_rank = 105th
|population_census = 5,670,688{{Ref label|popnote|c|}}
|population_census_year = 2006
|population_density_km2 = 3.2
|population_estimate_rank = 105th
|population_density_sq_mi = 8.4<!--Do not remove per [[WP:MOSNUM]]-->
|population_density_km2 = 3.6
|population_density_sq_mi = 9.4<!--Do not remove per [[WP:MOSNUM]]-->
|population_density_rank = 218th
|GDP_PPP_year = 20102008
|GDP_PPP = $90.571627 billion<ref name=imf2>{{cite web |url= |title=Libya |publisher=International Monetary Fund |accessdate=20112008-0410-1809}}</ref>
|GDP_PPP_per_capita = $14,593<ref name=imf2/>
|GDP_PPP_rank =
|GDP_PPP_per_capitaGDP_nominal = $13,804108.475 billion<ref name=imf2/>
|GDP_nominal_year = 2008
|GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank =
|GDP_nominal GDP_nominal_per_capita = $74.232 billion17,468<ref name=imf2/>
|GDP_nominal_rankHDI_year = 2008
|GDP_nominal_yearHDI = 2010{{increase}}0.840
|HDI_rank = 52nd
|GDP_nominal_per_capita = $11,314<ref name=imf2/>
|HDI_category = <font color="#090">high</font>
|GDP_nominal_per_capita_rank =
|HDI_year = 2010
|HDI = {{increase}}0.755<ref name="HDI">{{cite web |url= |title=Human Development Report 2010 |year=2010 |publisher=United Nations |accessdate=2010-11-05}}</ref>
|HDI_rank = 53rd
|HDI_category = <span style="color:#090;">high</span>
|sovereignty_type = [[Independence]]
|established_event1 = RelinquishedBinawi byng [[ItalyItalya]]
|established_date1 = 10 FebruaryPebrero 1947
|established_event2 = FromMula sa [[United KingdomFrance]] & /[[FranceUnited Kingdom]] under [[United Nations Trusteeship]]
|established_date2 = 24 December 1951
|established_date2 = <br />24 December 1951
|currency = [[LibyanDenaryong dinarLibya|Dinar]]
|currency_code = LYD
|country_code = ly
|time_zone = [[Eastern European Time|EET]]
|utc_offset = +2
|time_zone_DST =
|utc_offset_DST =
|drives_on = right
|cctld = [[.ly]]
|calling_code = [[Telephone numbers in Libya|218]]
|footnote1 = Includes 350,000 foreigners ([ Libyan 2006 census], accessed September 15, 2006; [])
|footnotes =
a. {{note|tripolinote}} Though both governments disputing Libya agree that Tripoli is the capital, the headquarters of the [[National Transitional Council]] is [[Benghazi]].
b. {{note|arabicnote}} [[Libyan Arabic]] and other varieties, like [[Berber languages]] in certain low-populated areas, are the [[spoken language]]s, while [[literary Arabic]] is the [[official language|official]] [[written language]].
c. {{note|popnote}} Includes 350,000 foreigners
{{Infobox country
|native_name = الجمهورية الليبية<br><small>''al-Jumhūriyya al-Lībiyya''{{Spaces|2}}{{Ar icon}}</small>
|conventional_long_name = Libyan Republic
|common_name = Libya
|image_flag = Flag of Libya (1951).svg
|image_coat = National Transitional Council logo.png
|national_motto =
|national_anthem = [[Libya, Libya, Libya]]
|image_map =
|map_caption =
|capital = [[Tripoli]] <small>(de jure)</small><br>[[Benghazi]] <small>(de facto)</small>
|government_type = [[Provisional government]]
|leader_title1 = [[List of heads of state of Libya|Chairperson of the National Transitional Council]]
|leader_name1 = [[Mustafa Abdul Jalil]]
|leader_title2 = [[List of heads of government of Libya|Chairperson of the Executive Board]]
|leader_name2 = [[Mahmoud Jebril]]
{{Infobox country
|native_name = <big>الجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الإشتراكية العظمى</big><br><small>''Al-Jamāhīriyyah al-ʿArabiyyah al-Lībiyyah aš-Šaʿbiyyah al-Ištirākiyyah al-ʿUẓmā'' {{Spaces|2}}{{Ar icon}}</small>
|conventional_long_name = Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
|common_name = Libya
|image_flag = Flag of the Libyan Jamahiriya 1977.svg
|image_coat = Coat of arms of Libya.svg
|symbol_type = Coat of arms
|national_motto =
|national_anthem = [[Allahu Akbar (anthem)|Allahu Akbar]]<br />''God is great''
|image_map =
|map_caption =
|government_type = [[Jamahiriya]]
|capital = [[Tripoli]]
|leader_title1 = [[List of heads of state of Libya|Leader of the 1969 Revolution]]
|leader_name1 = [[Muammar Gaddafi]]
|leader_title2 = [[General People's Congress (Libya)|Secretary General of the General People's Congress]]
|leader_name2 = [[Mohamed Abdul Quasim al-Zwai]]
|leader_title3 = [[List of heads of government of Libya|Secretary General of the General People's Committee]]
|leader_name3 = [[Baghdadi Mahmudi]]
As a result of the [[2011 Libyan civil war]], there are currently two entities claiming to be the official government of Libya.<ref>{{cite news |title=Council says it's Libya's sole representative |author=Rolla Scolari |url= |newspaper=The National |date=6 Mar 2011 |accessdate=2011-03-07}}</ref> The [[Tripoli]]-based government of [[Muammar Gaddafi]] refers to the Libyan state as the '''Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya'''.<ref>Geographical Names, [ "Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya: Libya"], ''''. Retrieved February 27, 2011</ref><ref>Geographical Names, [ <u>"اَلْجَمَاهِيرِيَّة اَلْعَرَبِيَّة اَللِّيبِيَّة اَلشَّعْبِيَّة اَلإِشْتِرَاكِيَّة: Libya"<u>], ''''. Retrieved February 27, 2011</ref> It controls most of the western half of the country. The [[Benghazi]]-based [[National Transitional Council|Transitional National Council]] refers to the Libyan state as the '''Libyan Republic'''.<ref name="">{{cite web|url= |title=The Libyan Republic - The Interim Transitional National Council | |date=2011-03-05 |accessdate=2011-03-10}}</ref><ref name="">{{cite news |title=Libyan rebels vow fight, even without no-fly zone |url= |newspaper= Reuters |date=10 Mar 2011 |accessdate=11 March 2011}}</ref> It is led by [[Mustafa Abdul Jalil]] and controls most of the eastern half of the country.
Ang '''Dakilang Sosyalistang Popular Libyang Arabong Jamahiriyang ''' o '''Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya''' ([[Wikang Arabo|Arabo]]: الجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الاشتراكية
With an area of almost {{convert|1800000|km2|sqmi|-5}}, Libya is the fourth largest country in [[Africa]] by area, and the 17th [[List of countries and outlying territories by total area|largest in the world]].<ref>U.N. Demographic Yearbook, (2003), [ "Demographic Yearbook (3) Pop., Rate of Pop. Increase, Surface Area & Density"], ''United Nations Statistics Division''. Retrieved July 15, 2006.</ref> The capital, Tripoli, is home to 1.7 million of Libya's 6.4 million people. The three traditional parts of the country are [[Tripolitania]], [[Fezzan]], and [[Cyrenaica]]. Libya has the [[List of countries by Human Development Index#Africa|highest HDI in Africa]] and the fourth highest [[Gross domestic product|GDP]] ([[Purchasing power parity|PPP]]) per capita in Africa as of 2009, behind [[Seychelles]], [[Equatorial Guinea]] and [[Gabon]]. These are largely due to its large [[petroleum]] reserves and low population.<ref>Annual Statistical Bulletin, (2004), [ "World proven crude oil reserves by country, 1980–2004"], ''O.P.E.C.''. Retrieved July 20, 2006.</ref><ref>World Economic Outlook Database, (April, 2006), [ "Report for Selected Countries and Subjects"], ''International Monetary Fund''. Retrieved July 15, 2006.</ref> Libya has the 10th-largest proven oil reserves of any country in the world and the 17th-highest petroleum production.
, al-Dschamāhīriyya al-{{unicode|ʿ}}arabiyya al-Lībiyya asch-scha{{unicode|ʿ}}biyya al-ischtirākiyya; [[Wikipedia:Tulong#Mga pangalang internasyonal ng bansa|internasyunal]]: ''Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya'') ay isang bansa sa [[Hilagang Aprika]], napapaligiran ng [[Dagat Mediterranean]], matatagpuan sa pagitan ng [[Ehipto]] sa silangan, [[Sudan]] sa timog-silangan, [[Chad]] at [[Niger]] sa timog at [[Algeria]] at [[Tunisia]] sa kanluran. [[Tripoli]] ang [[kapital na lungsod]] nito. May tatlong tradisyunal na mga seksyon ang bansa: ang [[Tripolitania]], ang [[Fezzan]] at [[Cyrenaica]].
Hinango ang pangalang "Libya" mula sa kataga ng lumang taga-Ehipto na "Lebu", na tumutukoy sa mga tribong [[Berber]] na nakatira sa kanluran ng [[Ilog Nile]], at nilinang sa [[wikang Griyego|Griyego]] bilang "Libya". Sa [[lumang Gresya]], may malawak na kahulugan ang kataga, sinasakop ng lahat ng [[Hilagang Aprika]] sa kanluran ng Egypt, at minsan tumutukoy sa buong [[kontinente]] ng [[Aprika]].
Naging malaya ang Libya at naging [[Kaharian ng Libya]] noong 1951. Kasalukuyang pinamumunuan ito ni Muammar al-Gaddafi, na namuno sa pamamagitan ng kudeta. Noong Pebrero 2011, [[2011 Kilos-protesta sa Libya|isang malawakang kilos protesta]] ang naganap sa Libya na naghihimok laban sa pamahalaan ni Gaddafi. Noong 23 Pebrero 2011, ang oposisyon ay sinasabing kontroloado na ang maraming lungsod sa Silangan at Gitnang Libya. Noong 27 Pebrero isang ''National Transitional Council'' ay binuo bilang "katawan ng himagsikan" <ref>{{cite web|url= |title=UPDATE 2-Libya rebels form council, oppose foreign intervention &#124; News by Country &#124; Reuters | |date=2009-02-09 |accessdate=2011-02-28}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Libya opposition launches council - Africa |publisher=Al Jazeera English |date= |accessdate=2011-02-28}}</ref>