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{{Infobox Russian federal subject2
Ang '''Chechnya''' ay isang republika sa bansang [[Rusya]].
|en_name=Chechen Republic
|ru_name=Чеченская Республика
|loc_name1=Нохчийн Республика/ Noxçiyn Respublika
|image_map=Map of Russia - Chechen Republic (2008-03).svg
|image_flag=Flag of Chechen Republic since 2004.svg
|flag_caption=[[Flag of Chechnya]]
|image_coa=Coat of arms of Chechnya.svg
|coa_caption=[[Coat of arms of Chechnya]]
|anthem=[[Anthem of the Chechen Republic]]
|political_status_link=Republics of Russia
|federal_district=[[North Caucasian Federal District|North Caucasian]]
|economic_region=[[North Caucasus economic region|North Caucasus]]
|official_lang_list=[[Chechen language|Chechen]]
|official_lang_ref=<ref name="Languages">Constitution, Article 10.1</ref>
|pop_2010census_ref=<ref name="PopCensus2010">{{ru-pop-ref|2010Census}}</ref>
|pop_2002census_ref=<ref name="PopCensus">{{ru-pop-ref|2002Census}}</ref>
|established_date=January&nbsp;11, 1991
|gov_as_of=March 2011
|leader_title=[[President of Chechnya|President]]
|leader_title_ref=<ref name="HeadLegis">Constitution, Article&nbsp;5.1</ref>
|leader_name=[[Ramzan Kadyrov]]
|leader_name_ref=<ref name="President">Official website of the Chechen Republic. [ Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov] {{ru icon}}</ref>
|legislature=[[Parliament of Chechnya|Parliament]]
|legislatureref=<ref name="HeadLegis" />
|basic_law_title=[[Constitution of the Chechen Republic]]
|date=March 2010
Ang '''Republika ng Chechnya''' ({{IPAc-en|icon|ˈ|tʃ|ɛ|tʃ|ɨ|n}}; {{lang-ru|Чече́нская Респу́блика}}, ''Chechenskaya Respublika''; {{lang-ce|Нохчийн Республика}}, ''Noxçiyn Respublika''), o, sa hindi tanyag na, '''Chechnya''' ({{IPAc-en|ˈ|tʃ|ɛ|tʃ|n|i|ə}}; {{lang-ru|Чечня́}}, ''Chechnya''; {{lang-ce|Нохчийчоь}}, ''Noxçiyçö''), kadalasang tinatawag na '''[[Ichkeria (Chechnya)|Ichkeria]]''', '''Chechenistan''', '''Chechnia''', '''Chechenia''', o '''Noxçiyn''', ay isang republika sa bansang [[Rusya]].
*{{Cite Russian law
|ru_date=23 марта 2003 г.
|ru_title=Конституция Чеченской Республики
|en_date=March 23, 2003
|en_title=Constitution of the Chechen Republic
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==Mga kawing panlabas==
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*[ Map of Grozny (interactive)] at the [ Yellow Pages of the Chechen Republic]
*[ AlertNet Chechnya and the North Caucasus]
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