Creating articles using redlinksBaguhin

Please stop editing articles, adding the title of your proposed article and removing the link after creating it, like what you did here. here, and here. It messes the article's edit history. You can create articles directly by typing the article title on the search menu. If the article does not exists, it will tell you and will provide the redlink itself. For more details, please read en:Wikipedia:How to create a page. -WayKurat (makipag-usap) 02:00, 3 Oktubre 2018 (UTC)[]

Help creating articles using searchBaguhin

For some reason that you don't have access to the search box to create articles please use the link I provided instead of saving your article title using existing articles.

Natatangi:Maghanap/ - preview this section and replace "<!--article title-->" with your article title, click paunang tingin (preview) and follow the link. If the article does not exist here there will be a redlink of your article name in your results, so click the redlink and create. Hope this helps.--Lam-ang (makipag-usap) 15:36, 21 Agosto 2019 (UTC)[]