Kategorya:Promotional images

see en:Category:Promotional images

Images in this category are promotional works distributed for the purpose of publication. In the alternative, they are used as fair use under United States copyright law. en:Wikipedia:Publicity photos describes what kinds of images are likely promotional and which kind are not.

Generally, promotional images should not be used as they are not 'free' for reusers in the way our GFDL text and majority of images are, and the taking and release of an equivalent image is to be highly recommended in every case. Please refer to en:Wikipedia:Fair use for further information regarding acceptability and replacement of this class of image.

To place an image in this category, add the tag {{non-free promotional}} to the bottom of the image's description page. If you are not sure which category an image belongs to, consult the image copyright tag page. If this category is very large, please consider adding a table of contents ({{CategoryTOC}}) or place your image in a new or existing subcategory.

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