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→‎Global sysops: bagong seksyon
(→‎Global sysops: bagong seksyon)
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'''Please''', delete all my userpages and talk pages of these accounts before renaming and I will create them later .Thanks in advance.--[[User:محمد الجداوي|M.Gedawy]] 00:31, 16 Hulyo 2012 (UTC)
== [[meta:Global sysops|Global sysops]] ==
(Sorry, I don't understand Tagalog)
It would be great if [[m:Global sysops|global sysops]] were allowed to work on the Tagalog Wikipedia. I do not understand Tagalog, so would you mind proposing this to your community?--[[User:Jasper Deng|Jasper Deng]] ([[User talk:Jasper Deng|talk]]|[[:m:User talk:Jasper Deng|meta]]) 03:29, 2 Setyembre 2012 (UTC)