Pagkakaiba sa pagitan ng mga pagbago ng "Simbahang Ortodokso ng Silangan"

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{{legend|#ffaaaa|Relihiyong minoridad (1–5%)}}
Bata sa bilang ng mga tagasunod, ang Ortodoksiya ang ikalawang pinakamalaking komunyong Kristiyano sa buong mundo pagkatapos ng [[Romano Katoliko]].<ref name="">[ Major Branches of Religions Ranked by Number of Adherents]</ref> TheAng mostmga commonkasapi estimatesng ofOrtodokso the number of Orthodoxsa Christiansbuong worldwidemundo isay approximatelytinatayang 300 millionmilyon.<!-- This number has been changed countless times in what can only be seen as a bout of pride from one or more anonymous users. Any changes you make here without proper sourcing will be reverted with expedience. --><ref name="">[ Orthodox Denomination]</ref> The numerous [[Protestantism|Protestant]] groups in the world, if taken all together, outnumber the Orthodox,<ref>Jay Diamond, Larry. Plattner, Marc F. and Costopoulos, Philip J. ''World Religions and Democracy''. 2005, page 119.([ also in PDF file]{{Dead link|date=May 2010}}, p49), saying "''Not only do Protestants presently constitute 13 percent of the world's population—about 800 million people—but since 1900 Protestantism has spread rapidly in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.''"</ref> but they differ theologically and do not form a single communion.<ref>[ Major Branches of Religions]</ref>
Ang Ortodoksiya ang pinakamalaking isang pananampalatayang relihiyoso sa [[Gresya]](95%) at sa Silangang Europa kabilang ang [[Moldova]] (93%), [[Georgia (country)|Georgia]] (89%), [[Romania]] (87%),<ref>content</ref> [[Belarus]] (85%), [[Serbia]] (84%),<ref>[ Republicki Zavod za statistiky – Republike Srbije]</ref> [[Bulgaria]] (83%), [[Cyprus]] (80%), [[Ukraine]] (80%),<ref>[ CIA – The World Factbook – Field Listing – Religions]</ref> [[Russia]] (75%),<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Russian Public Opinion Research Center|accessdate=2007-11-10|archiveurl=|archivedate=2007-10-18}}{{Ru icon}}</ref> [[Montenegro]] (74%),<ref>[ Popis stanovništva 2003 - Zavod za statistiku Crne Gore (in Montenegrin)]</ref> at [[Republic of Macedonia|Macedonia]] (65%).