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AX This user's nickname is ax

i hate santa claus (this is quite an introduction). i am working as a professional transcriptionist catering nine accounts of law offices located in california. thus, i consider myself an erudite (the heck) working in my hometown getting paid by overseas american lawyers. would that supposedly make me the "new hero" of the pearl land? anyways, i am a graduate of the what they call peyups or pupoy of the year 2007.

i whatBaguhin

i have my own blog! you can visit it if you want!

i have secrets too.

decipher it.

i love pizza and pasta as i love turtle eggs.

i love turtles. we now have five turtles roaming the garden. it should have been more than five but rats feast the eggs before it hatches.

i love midnight writing.

the night arouses my mind.
if you are bored, then click here

i hate spitters.

when they do it in public.

i love insanity so let us share the moon.

musings or fantasies while awake, moon shadows the night.

i love anime.

Deathnote Yuyu Hakusho The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya One Piece hunterxhunter Bleach Ghost Stories Alice Academy Blood + Great Teacher Onizuka Cowboy Bebop

i hate abortionists.. those with lame reasons to do it.

they deserve to die.

i am also looking for some things..

a little bit of that, and a little bit of this. just some fun and some reasons to be stupid.