Padron:Kasaysayan ng Tsina

This template has been designed so that it can be used both in articles that adopt the BC/AD date notation and those that adopt the BCE/CE date notation without forcing some articles to have inconsistent style.

It will display BCE/CE notation unless the template gives the parameter BC a value. For instance {{History of China}} will give BCE/CE notation, {{History of China|BC=1}} will give BC/AD notation.

It can be edited as normal, but with the following exception:

  • Instead of writing BCE or BC write {{#if: {{{BC|}}}|BC|BCE}}
  • Instead of writing CE or AD write {{#if: {{{BC|}}}|AD|CE}}

This functionality is necessitated by the Wikipedia:Manual of Style requirement that BC-AD and BCE-CE do not both appear in the same article.

Kasaysayan ng Tsina
Kasaysayan ng Tsina
Kasaysayan ng Tsina
Neolitikong Tsina c. 8500 - c. 2070 BCE
Dinastiyang Xia c. 2070 – c. 1600 BCE
Dinastiyang Shang 1600–1046 BCE
Dinastiyang Zhou c. 1046 – 256 BCE
  Kanluraning Zhou
  Silanganing Zhou
    Panahon ng Tagsibol at Taglagas
    Panahon ng Nagdirigmaang mga Estado
Dinastiyang Qin 221 BCE–206 BCE
Dinastiyang Han 206 BCE–220 CE
  Kanluraning Han
  Dinastiyang Xin
  Silanganing Han
Tatlong Kaharian 220–280
  Wei, Shu & Wu
Dinastiyang Jin 265–420
  Kanluraning Jin Labing-anim na Kaharian 304–439
  Silanganing Jin
Katimugan at Hilagaing mga Dinastiya 420–589
Dinastiyang Sui 581–618
Dinastiyang Tang 618–907
  ( Ikalawang Zhou 690–705 )
Limang Dinastiya at Sampung Kaharian
Dinastiyang Liao
Dinastiyang Song
  Hilagaing Song Kanluraning Xia
  Katimugang Song Jin
Dinastiyang Yuan 1271–1368
Dinastiyang Ming 1368–1644
Dinastiyang Qing 1644–1912
Republika ng Tsina 1912–1949
Republikang Bayan
ng Tsina

Republika ng Tsina
(Taiwan) 1949–kasalukuyan