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Birth year : 1995
Favorite sudject : Mathematics

2channel's miserable present conditionsBaguhin

Too terrible LynchBaguhin

The obstinate Ijime and beating to occur in 2ch are almost professional fixed acts. I increase the number of the access and data by fanning it, and they sell it. Thus, I want to reduce the data which I should sell and refuse a deletion request basically whether 2ch encourages a professional fixed blast to me because there is not it. It is 2ch to leave a blast, the blast for profit artificially. This case was not able to happen if I administered it normally without 2ch giving priority to money-making and if I dealt commonly. I started it to a dead person, and, for the case of the kite, 2ch occupied the taste far from reflecting when effective for access income if a case happened" and it depended and came to perform a terrible blast. (It increases recently to make a resident of mixi which is a rival a target)

To be beyond 2chBaguhin

By the way, what will you do to make a site against 2ch? How may you gather users like 2ch? However, it is not necessary to be troubled with such a thing.
If 2ch thinks about a user and develops the bulletin board while accepting the needs of the user and grew pulling in customers by a new idea and device, this place thinks about a user than it and must work out an idea. Speaking frankly, you must repeat an effort as I should be surprised for a user and will not get off with the device of the averageness.
But the facts are different. 2ch does not think about a user, and, in defiance of criticism, it is the bulletin board site that developed without doing the novel idea and device particularly. 2ch takes a rain elephant resident and sacrifices a boy called the neo-barley tea, and it is the site that became gigantic by violent pulling in customers means by the professional fixation. Now in old days of "zero the ability for waiting on customers" "administration sense of responsibility zero" "the service a thread-type bulletin board center" "the security of the user at all disregard" is in a state. In other words "matched the lowest, common sense, you will administer" it; "will keep morals"; "is good, and will hear the opinion of the user"; "will take responsibility as the administration side properly"; when thought that "will let service fill up", you have already exceeded 2ch. The thing more than 2ch should have been originally easy if I made much of even the point and continued administering it.

Many sites that imitated 2ch were born so far. However, it was able to approach 2ch neither. I am ordinary. Because both sites took the deletion guideline that was full of defects of 2ch into account with an administration method of 2ch as a standard. It repeats itself, but there is that 2ch developed thanks to professional fixed violent pulling in customers means, and an administration manner and deletion correspondence and the deletion guideline of 2ch are originally stuff disturbing the development of the bulletin board. Users cannot gather if they refer to such a thing. If I handle a commonplace properly and continue meeting needs properly, I can pull in customers smoothly. If neither site could be opposed to 2ch simply because I did not do it and noticed it, I have performed 2ch far and wide so that nobody could follow it.

On the other hand, I assume an administration manner of 2ch a teacher if I want to increase the number of the access smoothly and handle a commonplace and I meet needs and am enough. In fact, opening of an office extended the number of the access rapidly soon, and the the bulletin board had force as it approached 2ch before to be refurbished. However, with that alone I run out to be beyond present 2ch which came to count 10,000,000 users. Some devices are necessary.